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I don’t know if I’m procrastinating or just disorganized, but I always seem to end each day working on other people’s goals. Can you recommend a system for working on things that really matter?



BigRocksAnswer: Identify the most important priorities in your life – both personal and professional. Stephen Covey called this the “Big Rocks” principle. If you start your day without a plan, you’ll soon get busy filling it with little rocks, like responding to endless emails. Before you know it, your bucket is full, and you spent another day working on things that have little value to you.

Next, turn your goals into actions. Move items from your to-do list to your calendar. Make appointments with yourself to work on your Big Rocks. Schedule that work for the time of day when you’re most productive.

If you’ve tried and failed at time management systems in the past, don’t despair. It takes discipline to change old habits. You might need to get yourself an accountability partner – someone who will call you or text you every morning to remind you of your commitment to make your Big Rocks a priority.

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