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I’ve decided to quit my job after five years, but I don’t know what to say to the people who I work with. I’ve developed close working relationships with them. We’ve pulled together many times when things have gone well.  We’ve had each other’s backs when things have gone wrong. I know it’s the right time for me to leave, but how do I do so without feeling guilty?


Relay-athletes hands sending action.Answer: Just as you worked hard to make a great first impression when you started the job, you need to make an honorable close on your way out. Even if you are heading to your dream job, the way you exit your current one is part of the reputation that will follow you throughout your career.

Handoff with Care.
We would all like to think that our company would fall apart without us in our absence, but, in fact, business goes on. If you notice that you’re not invited to meetings or included in important discussions, don’t get distracted by feelings of exclusion. Instead, try to focus on making sure that your work is transferred in a timely and organized fashion and that deadlines won’t be overlooked in your absence.

Save it For the Exit Interview.
When people inevitably ask why you are leaving, resist the urge to bad mouth people or bring up past grievances. You want to be known as the person who left to seek new growth opportunities rather than someone who left because they were disgruntled.

Finish Strong.
Don’t slack off in your final few days. Leave on a high note and take the time to express gratitude for the opportunities you’ve had. You will likely see former managers and colleagues again at other companies, especially if you remain in the same industry. You never know where the next opportunity is going to come from, or who you may need to vouch for your professionalism in the future.


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