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Three weeks ago, I started a position as the Director of an underperforming sales team.  I was brought in because of my background in delivering results, but I’m already feeling pushback when I try to share my ideas about changes that need to be made.  Do you have any advice for how to gain the traction I need to get the results I was brought in to make?


Answer: Starting a new job is tough. You have to get used to new colleagues, a new boss and new office culture. Although you were hired to change the status quo, even positive change can be uncomfortable.  You’ve been at the job for less than a month, so give yourself time to adjust your approach and get the leverage you need to improve results.


Don’t talk too much about your old job.

Applying your past experience to your new work is of course what you’re there to do.  But take the time to learn how and why things function in your new workplace before jumping in with “at my old job we did it this way.” You only get one or two of those before it starts seeming less like helpful insight and more like an inability to adapt to your new company.


Don’t assume that you don’t need to prove yourself to your new team.

It can be tough to move from a job where everyone respected your work and relied on your expertise. People who haven’t worked with you before will reserve judgment until they get to know you better. Let your work speak for itself over time.



Don’t minimize the challenges of your team or organization. 

If your team has challenges they haven’t solved yet, it’s probably not because they’ve overlooked an obvious answer. Confidence is good, but if you act like you’ll be able to quickly overcome all obstacles, you’ll risk insulting your new team.  Work with your team to dig into the root causes of the obstacles. Together, you can determine which are real and which you can find solutions for.

Keep these tips in mind as you navigate your new role in 90-day sprints.  Track the progress you’re making as you build relationships and prove your value based on team success.


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