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Question: I’m a senior manager at a great company. I was recently approached by another company that I’ve admired for a long time that wants to offer me an opportunity to join their senior team. What advice do you have for weighing whether to stay or go?

Answer: To assess whether you should take advantage of this opportunity, take the time to truly assess where you are and find out as much as you can about where you might go. Here are five ways to help you decide which path to take.

1. Define great. When you say that you currently work for a great company, take some time to think about what great means to you. Are you trusted and respected for contributing ideas that make an impact? Is your career path in the next 3-5 years clear and achievable? Do you take pride in your organizational culture?

Or, does great mean that you are comfortable in your current role because it affords you work/life balance? Does your current manager protect you from politics so that you can focus on your work? Is working from home important to you and will you be able to continue to choose to do so for the foreseeable future? Once you’ve defined what great means to you, you will have the insight you need to weigh the opportunity to join another company.

2. Test your admiration. If you’ve admired the company that you have an opportunity to join, put in the work to confirm that the grass really is greener there. Check out the company’s website to see if they have pages devoted to things that align with what’s important to you like culture and benefits. Next, check the company’s Comparably and Glassdoor pages to see how what employees and candidates report to compare the company’s website.

Where is the new company in its growth cycle compared to where you are now? Is it in the pre-IPO stage with opportunities to get in early and take part in shaping its growth? Is it a well-known, publicly traded company that would give you experience that would shine on your resume? Does the company have offices around the globe and may afford you the opportunity to travel?

Once you get clarity about why you like your current role and learn as much as possible about the company you have an opportunity to join, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and exercise more control over your career choices.

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