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A few weeks ago, I introduced the PULSE© coaching model that I use to help clients get their lives back in balance. The following is a recap: the first letter in the acronym – “P” for paradigm, “U” for unearth, and “L” for Linger. Last week was “S” for Surpass.

Now it is time to Experience…

The word Experience is a noun and a verb. It can be both a thing and an action. Are you ready to fully experience every experience of your life? This means experiencing emotions, events, and the everyday-ness of your life.

Have you become weary of going through the motions of your life? Have you ever driven home from work and you pull into the driveway and you don’t even remember driving? That’s going through life on autopilot. You’ve become detached and unplugged. When you stop experiencing your life you feel defeated, powerless, and overwhelmed which leads to a life filled with stress and frustration.

As I coach clients, I constantly reiterate the fact that you are in charge of how you ACT. When you constantly REACT to everything and everyone around you, you are giving away your power. When you live every day this way the years pass by and you are left feeling empty and that nothing is within your control. Soon bitterness and envy fill your heart and mind and you become jaded and judgmental.

Experience your life. Engage in your experiences. Stop being afraid to feel happy or sad or that anything good can happen in your life.

According to author Adrienne Jurado living (experiencing) your life fully is about discovering simple ways to lead an extraordinary life — one that is truly meaningful to you. One full of joy, laughter, magical moments, and fond memories. One that stirs your soul, brings tears to your eyes, drops you to your knees, and gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. One that makes a positive impact and enriches the lives of others.


It’s both a state of mind and a way of life.

It’s about…

Igniting passion

Evoking curiosity

Living consciously

Seizing opportunities

Uncovering potential

Thank you for taking the time to read about my exciting coaching model PULSE. If you’re ready to do the work, I’m ready to guide you and teach you innovative tools to help you shift your ParadigmUnearth your strengths and gifts, Linger in the present, Surpass the thoughts that have held you back, and Experience your experiences.

Are you ready for the next step?

Message me directly or use the contact form on my page and let’s chat about what this exciting coaching journey looks like!

For over a decade Jenny Jacobs has studied the principles of healthy living, life balance, stress management, positive psychology, and self-development. Jenny is a dynamic speaker, coach, and blogger and is passionate about helping people integrate their personal and professional selves.

Driven by the premise that excellence is the result of aligning people, purpose and performance, Center for Executive Excellence facilitates training in leading self, leading teams and leading organizations.



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