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We’re excited to introduce you to our new website and inaugural newsletter! We’ve launched these media to share our thoughts on the next big ideas that will shape and disrupt our industry and meet the challenges of leaders in the 21st century. 

We have come a long way since launching Center for Executive Excellence in January of 2012. The new site reflects our comprehensive suite of solutions while showcasing our seasoned team of thought leaders with behind-the-desk experience.

We are humbled by the support we’ve received from our followers, and are proud to invite you to tour our comprehensive, end-to-end suite of solutions.

Take a tour of our new website

Here are some of the highlights you’ll find:

Challenges We Solve menu to help you find training and coaching to accelerate business results and grow leadership effectiveness

Toolshed of Service Excellence menu to help you locate a particular challenge area that resonates with your current needs then seamlessly navigates you to the solution designed to solve that challenge

Resource Center 
with downloadable content and tools from self-assessments and diagnostics to white papers, webinars, case studies and videos.

Powerhouse Team of Experts who have worked with 30 of America’s Fortune 100
companies to take them from what is to what is possible

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CEE Newsletter 
is designed to help leaders with the challenges they face every day by sharing best practices, industry trends, expert advice in leadership development, the latest research findings and updates on CEE news and upcoming events. The newsletter will be published once a month and is available to anyone who subscribes via the website or by email.

We love the fresh, modern cityscape and mountainous imagery to convey the innovation in leadership and agility needed to respond to the rapidly changing challenges faced by 21st century business leaders. You’ll love the user-friendly, highly responsive and seamless design to find deeper and more accessible content and sustainable solutions to meet your current corporate challenges.

I invite you to bookmark our website and connect with us on social media (LinkedInTwitterYouTube) to stay up to date on the latest that Center for Executive Excellence has to offer.



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