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There’s quite a craze these days about wearable devices like FitBit, Apple Watch, and Jawbone. They allow you to constantly monitor your pulse throughout the day. Why is the pulse so important?

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Your pulse tells a lot about what is going on in your physical body. If your pulse is racing or is too slow it can indicate something is amiss and needs to be addressed. It can mean that something minor is going on or something that needs more attention. Your pulse (or heart) rate is defined as the rate at which the heart beats in one minute.  As the heart pumps blood into the body, the blood vessels at the wrist, upper arm and neck start pulsating and throbbing.

While the normal pulse rate is usually between 60 to 100 beats per minute, there are certain medical conditions such as cardiac arrhythmia, which may alter the normal pulse rate of an individual.  The factors that can influence your pulse rate are your age, gender and fitness level.  So a toddler’s pulse rate is significantly higher than an adult’s.  Similarly females tend to have faster heart rates than men.  Conditioned athletes may have heart rates as low as 40 beats per minute.

My purpose in stating the definition of a pulse is to point out that everyone is different. Everyone is unique.

Although an individual’s situation is personal and unique, the principles that I’ve acquired and teach to clients are universal and can apply to everyone. Therefore, I’m thrilled to announce a new coaching model centered around the acronym PULSE.

The PULSE © coaching model is as follows:












Over the next few weeks I will be writing a blog based on this model. It is a stirring and empowering premise.

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When your pulse is beating at a nice, steady pace your body feels balanced and able to function properly. When your mind practices and incorporates the PULSE © model you will experience balance and calm like never before. This is not a magic pill or a quick-fix. This takes work. It is a process.
It is digging deep into what is already within you and drawing it out to live powerfully and in alignment with what you want to accomplish in life.

Are you ready for the next step? Use the contact form on my page and let’s chat about this exciting coaching journey together!


JennyJacobsFor over a decade Jenny Jacobs has studied the principles of healthy living, life balance, stress management, positive psychology, and self-development. Jenny is a dynamic speaker, coach, and blogger and is passionate about helping people integrate their personal and professional selves.

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