10×100 Campaign – Girls Rising – San Diego

A closer look at 10 nonprofits we are supporting this year who are making a huge impact

To help celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re kicking off a 10×100 Campaign to donate $100, each, to 10 nonprofits this March through December. This month, we’re giving $100 to Girls Rising-San Diego, and sharing this Q&A with Executive Director Ashley Blanc.

Left to right: Ashley Blanc, Executive Director of Girls Rising
and Sheri Nasim, President & CEO of Center for Executive Excellence


When was Girls Rising – San Diego founded and how does it fulfill its mission?

Girls Rising is a mentorship program founded in 2012 to serve girls between 8-17 from historically underserved communities. Our Women Emerging program focuses on career readiness and personal development for young women from 18-24. As part of our mentorship and woman emerging programs, we empower girls and young women to see their value and reach their full potential rooted in health and wellness, STEM, and arts and music.

Can you share a story about how someone’s life has changed because of Girls Rising – San Diego?

One of our mentees, Taylor, shares “My mom was a crafter but since her death I haven’t done as much, and so sometimes we’ll just go out to Michael’s and get some stuff and paint it and it’s fun.”  Taylor’s mentor shared how much they enjoy working towards her goal.  Part of the mentorship program is for each mentee to set an annual goal and work towards it with their mentor.  Taylor shared “my goal for Girls Rising was not to be shy around adults because I get nervous and this is like the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”


What are Girls Rising – San Diego goals for 2023?

Girls Rising has set out to serve more girls in need of a mentor and increase our impact even further in 2023.  We are expanding our program to Riverside, our neighboring county, working with the detention centers in San Diego and Riverside to serve girls of incarcerated parents and we are working with foster agencies to provide mentorship for girls in foster care.  For our Women Emerging program, we will be completing our first and second cohort in 2023, and setting out to double young women served in cohorts three and four.

What is the easiest way for donors to make a contribution to
Girls Rising – San Diego, and how can people help other than making a financial contribution?

Our website donation page is the easiest way to make a contribution. Each dollar received is carefully allocated toward directly supporting our girls. In addition to financial donations, we are always looking for mentors and in-kind donations for events, giveaways, and opportunities for outings for matches.

What else to you want people to know about
Girls Rising – San Diego?

Girls Rising closely tracks our measurable impact, including these highlights from 2022:

    • 90% of Mentees reported feeling more prepared when facing challenges in school, household changes, friendships and family relationships.
    • 87% of Mentees reported increased interest in goal-setting.
    • 93% of Mentees reported increased confidence in relationship building.
    • 87% of Mentees reported confidence in their decision-making abilities.

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