Message From Our Founder

Welcome to the ninetieth issue of CEE News!


I am so honored to be able to share – in this 90th edition of CEE News – that Center for Executive Excellence is marking our 10th anniversary this month! That’s one decade of delivering on our mission: Taking you from what is to what is possible.

What started in 2013 as gatherings in my home with a small group of trusted thought leaders to develop our moonshot vision has truly exceeded my expectations. We used Jim Collins’ Vision Framework exercises to craft our core ideology and shared values. We then took Collins’ advice to draft articles that we would love to see published about our organization 15 years in the future.

When we’d completed the articles, our Co-Founder and Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Tony Baron, read one that he’d hoped to read in the New York Times about how our work was impacting leaders at Ivy League universities. I loved Tony’s vision, but remember thinking how impossible that vision was from what we might ever be capable of.

And, yet, in October 2020, we were invited by Yale University to work with several of its senior leadership teams. Due to Covid, we delivered several months of that work remotely from San Diego. But last spring, I sat at Claire’s Corner Copia on Chapel Street in New Haven after spending the previous day working with Yale’s IT senior leadership team.

I sipped my coffee and soaked in the surroundings then texted Tony about how prescient his article was after all. I’ve made nearly a dozen more trips back to New Haven since last spring, including one just last week, but, never have I taken for granted the trajectory that our team has taken.

This month’s edition of CEE News includes loads of ways that we’ll be marking our 10th anniversary throughout the year. Besides the millions of people we’ve reached, awards we’ve received, and measurable results our clients have gained, I’m most proud of the fact that so much of our work has come from delivering excellence and being invited back again and again by clients with whom we’ve built trusted partner relationships.

Besides being grateful for Dr. Baron, I’m deeply grateful to Danielle Aguas for sharing her brilliance both behind the scenes and on stage, to the many executive coaches and consultants who have helped deliver excellence – like Pat Valentino, Art Benjamin, and Casey Tonnelly – and especially to my husband, Naseer Nasim, for his steadfast support from Day 1 when he planted the idea for this business.

Finally, a huge thank you to our CEE News readers throughout the years for being a part of our journey, and letting us be a part of yours!

Sheri Nasim | President & CEO



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