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Adam Schwartz started Articulate in 2002 out of his one-bedroom apartment in New York City. He had just enough money to hire two experts – one who lived in Missouri and the other in India. Together, they built the backbone of an online learning product that would revolutionize the training industry. Today, over 112 million learners in 161 countries have taken advantage of career-boosting training from online courses created with Articulate applications. That model of hiring the best and giving them the freedom and trust to thrive is part of Articulate’s secret sauce and culture of empowerment.

“By accident” according to Schwartz, “we stumbled on a way to operate that empowers everyone to do their best work for the people who matter the most to our business: our customers and, ultimately, their learners.”

Another lasting part of the original model that Schwartz established is autonomy. Long before the Covid-19 pandemic forced many to work remotely, Articulate team members were already working from home, coffee shops, and even RVs and campsites.

That freedom to work from where you are enabled team members to feel freer to be themselves. No one judged them about what they looked like or what they wore every day. That led to team members creating fluid, flexible schedules than enabled them to collaborate to build products and take responsibility and focus on delighting customers.

Articulate was just rated a Best Workplace of 2020 by Inc., and it has a 4.2 out of 5 rating on Comparably. Not only does the company enable team members to work from home, they’ll also provide the equipment and technology to do so.

Articulate named 2020 Best Places to WorkKudos to Articulate for putting people first in all you do. To learn more, visit its Culture page.



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