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EchoPark_Logo_Full_ColorBefore the 2008 financial crisis hit, Steve Hall was riding high on $70 million in annual revenues from the Dallas-based used car dealership he’d built in just 3 ½ years.  His bank account was full, but his life was empty.  It took the financial crisis to shake him out of his maniacal focus on profit maximization, and shift to a model of purpose maximation.  That’s when Hall found the Conscious Capitalism community.

In 2010, Hall re-ignited his company, driversselect, with a new purpose – to infect the world with highly contagious CARE (Caring Acts Randomly Expressed). The focus on purpose, culture and values sent revenues soaring and attracted the attention of Fortune 300 company Sonic Automotive, which acquired driversselect in September 2017.

The acquisition resulted in Hall taking the role of Divisional VP of EchoPark Automotive, giving him the opportunity to positively impact 10,000 associates with a purpose-driven culture.  The company is projecting 2019 revenues of over $1 billion.

EchoPark’s culture is based on the fundamental belief that the workplace is one of the biggest opportunities for human growth.  Associates thrive in an environment that brings to life family values and a culture of highly contagious care. Hall champions a conscious leadership model that is aligned with the company’s five core values:

  • Be transparent
  • Take ownership
  • Learn to earn
  • Celebrate small successes
  • Take the high road

As one associate recently posted on EchoPark’s Glassdoor page, “Management in Houston truly lives the core values, treats associates like family and makes sure every single associate feels safe in their job.”

Kudos to Steve Hall and his team for creating a culture that yields amazing financial results by focusing on treating people like whole human beings.

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