Apr 1, 2019 | Leadership

Our team is thrilled about this year’s Re:Imagine Leadership Summit in San Diego on April 25th. As we looked back at feedback from attendees of past years’ summits, two themes emerged:

1) the desire to spend more time with other attendees

2) the desire to deep dive into the content

So, here’s what we have on deck:

Divide the day into two sections, both focused on leadership. The morning is dedicated to self-leadership — because you simply cannot be an effective leader without understanding how your own wiring impacts your ability to assess reality correctly. We’re going to look at neuroscience and talk about the impact of power on the brain. We’ll talk about triggers — where they come from and how to control the impulse to transform into the Incredible Hulk in front of your colleagues.

In the afternoon, we’ll turn to the subject of leading others during a time of intense divisiveness. It’s a subject that many of our clients and readers have been asking for guidance on this year. We’ll address how to get back to human and help participants create connection in an age of isolation.

Both morning and afternoon sessions will be designed around collaboratories (or “collabs”), where attendees will work through the day’s content together. Throughout the day, we’ll mine the room for tough questions, case studies, and breakthroughs. It promises to be our best Summit to date. I’m looking forward to being both teacher and student, and hope that you will join us for a day of re-imagining leadership for the 21st century.


Question: What are you doing to invest in yourself as a leader in 2019?

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