Business in Focus: Expensify

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Last week, the global number of confirmed deaths from the coronavirus surpassed 50,000 and cases topped 1 million. With cases on the rise, corporations are stepping up to help support people in need of assistance and flatten the curve, like a program just rolled out by Expensify to support SNAP, the United States’ largest anti-hunger program.

Since 2008, Expensify has pioneered innovation in the receipt and expense management process by automating every step from receipt scanning through reimbursement. The easy-to-use mobile and web apps offer powerful compliance features and integrations with all major accounting softwares, saving time for your whole team.

The company serves more than eight million users around the world from five global offices and countless remote employees. They stay connected by spending a month working abroad together and live streaming to collaborate and reinforce organizational culture. Expensify works with two basic rules: Rule #1: Get Shit Done, and Rule #2: Don’t Ruin It for Everyone Else.

Recently, the company put those rules into action by redirecting all of its charitable donation funds to to match grocery store purchases for families in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), reimbursing SNAP purchases of up to $50 per family. Right now, 22.4% of shoppers in the United States are currently struggling to afford groceries due to the pandemic, according to a Statista survey.

If you have enough to share, you can help by donating to a family in need.  Kudos to Expensify for stepping up to help protect and support people in need of assistance. To read more about Expensify or if you know someone who’s looking for work with an awesome company, click here.



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