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 I manage a regional sales team of 16 people for a spa retailer.  We started working remotely a couple of weeks ago, and I’m looking for ideas to keep our spirits up and mix up our video conferences with some activities that keep us connected.  Do you have any suggestions for some team builders we can do online?


Answer: Working remotely can feel like being stranded on a deserted island. Fear not! There are many ways to stay equally connected as we practice social distancing around the world. Though the type of connectivity you will experience will feel different, it can still be just as productive.

Here are some suggestions to maintain team cohesion and fulfill the social needs of your teams while we transition to work from home.

Online book club
Ask team members to pair up and choose a book on topics like sales or negotiation. It could be an audiobook, ebook, or printed version. Have each pair lead a discussion with the rest of the team about what they learned and what concepts they could apply to improve their skills.  Here is a reddit list of the most recommended sales books of all time.

Virtual movie nights
Part of your virtual team building strategy should focus on getting away from work and having fun together.  Online graphic design tool Canva recently shifted its employees to work from home. While coworkers no longer see each other in the office, they’ve stayed connected through virtual movie nights and other activities. Each day, employees vote on a movie to watch at the same time that night and have a group discussion in Slack. Check out Netflix Party to get you started.

Mix it up
Use your video channels to show off work-from-home outfits, group yoga, and fitness classes to stay active.  Form a group and go on virtual walks to some of the most amazing places on Earth using the WorldWalk app.  Or, explore some of these online game ideas to keep your team challenged.

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