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Amy Bastuga’s first day at Radio Flyer started with a simple task – to onboard a new employee.  That task evolved into a program that forever changed the culture of the 99-year-old iconic toy company. Nine years later, Bastuga, now Vice President of Human Resources, leads the company’s “New Flyer Orientation & Assimilation.” Since its inception, the program has had a direct impact on performance.  Turnover dropped from 21% to 6%, and employee satisfaction scores reached 100% in 2015.

Results like that are worth a harder look.

Here’s a breakdown of the 4 stages of the program:

1)  Welcome – Before a new employee starts, they get a welcome package from the company. Inside they find a letter from Robert Pasin, the company’s CEO and “Chief Wagon Officer,” along with gifts including a new Radio Flyer wagon.


Maynews_connections2)  Connections – Once onboard, new employees meet with their team and are introduced to other groups in the organization to help them integrate. A company-wide email is also sent out on an employee’s first day with facts about his or her background and interests.


3)  Expectations – Next, employees learn about the company’s goals and what role they will play in helping the company achieve those goals.  They also receive a copy of the performance appraisal form, so they’ll know how their performance will be measured.


4)  Knowledge – Depending on their role, employees get a variety of items ranging from a tip sheet to an entire course from the company’s in-house university for all employees dubbed “Wagon U.”


According to research by the Society for Human Resource Management, employees who attend a well-structured onboarding program are nearly 70% more likely to remain at the company for up to three years.

With programs like the New Flyer Orientation & Assimilation, Radio Flyer employees have a wagon-load of reasons to love their work.

Kudos to Radio Flyer!




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