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Welcome to the ninth issue of CEE News!

If I were to walk into your company today, where would I find your corporate values? Are they tucked in a bookshelf next to the Employee Handbook? Are they under the protective custody of HR? Are they engraved in plaques on the wall?

Regardless of where your values are documented, filed, or engraved, they are little more than empty platitudes if your leaders are not modeling them through their daily behaviors.

Instead of hanging on the walls, your values should be walking the halls.

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Your corporate values should be the bedrock of your culture.  They should be the lens through which daily business decisions are made.  They should be incorporated into employee performance reviews.  They should be the compass that guides your organization through peaks and valleys alike.

When values succeed, they can act as fuel to drive employees to new heights of productivity. When values fall flat, as Patrick Lencioni wrote in the Harvard Business Review, they “create cynical and dispirited employees, alienate customers, and undermine managerial credibility.”

High performing organizations are built, driven and nurtured by their leaders. Leaders who clearly define and model good corporate citizenship deliver sustainable performance.

What are you doing to make sure your values are off the walls and walking the halls?




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