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A closer look at companies executing leadership excellence

Regardless of the size of your organization or what industry you’re in, you are more likely to get employees engaged in your business strategy if they are passionate about your purpose.  At the heart of any company is its purpose – the difference the company seeks to make in the world.  To instill a passion for purpose, the best leaders in the world focus on aligning mission, culture, and brand to empower high performance and maximize employee engagement.

One such leader is Damian McKinney, Founder and CEO of the San Diego-based corporate real estate firm, McKinney Advisory Group.  Over the past five years, McKinney has dedicated himself to creating a culture of servant leadership in the firm. The firm’s working definition of servant leadership is to create an environment where people can become better versions of themselves. That’s their purpose. For employees, clients, vendors, the community, even competitors – everyone who the firm touches – to be better off from their relationship with McKinney Advisory Group.

To manifest this purpose, employees work on trust-building, listening, and empathy skills. They are also encouraged to give back to the community by donating time, talent, or treasure.  Four years ago, McKinney launched an annual event to give back to the community.  Each guest is given a $100 voucher to donate to one of four charities featured at the event. By the end of the evening, over $10,000 is donated in vouchers, and more donation are pledged by the guests.

McKinneyValueWallOver the years, thank you letters have poured in. The letters are framed and hung in an office hallway.  The team dubbed this their “Why Wall” to help them connect to something greater than themselves.  It inspires them to give their best every day.  To help the firm be in a position to give back and help people become better versions of themselves.

The focus on purpose galvanizes the McKinney team.  They experience their purpose in action.  They understand that success is measured not just in profits, but in terms of their ability to make a positive impact.





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