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Welcome to the seventeenth issue of CEE News!

The gifts are unwrapped.  The corks popped.  The ball fell.  The holiday celebrations are behind us, and once again we face a fresh new year.

Those who will make 2017 a true success are not focused on their New Year’s resolutions – about what they will start doing or stop doing.  Instead, they are focused on their why.  They’ve taken the time to connect the dots of who they are with what they do.  And that is very powerful motivator.


screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-9-49-01-amThis year, get out of the cycle of failure.  Don’t be part of the 92% of those who make and break New Year’s resolutions.  Take the time to connect with your why like I did in my SUE Talk called, “Work On Purpose: How to Connect Who You Are With What You Do.” You can click on the image to the left to watch or find it in the Resources section of this month’s newsletter.

If you thinking about how to connect your organization with a higher purpose, you may be inspired by the story of the Dancing Deer Baking Co. featured in our Business In Focus section.

We’re super excited to announce the latest addition to our CEO panel for the Re:Imagine Leadership Summit this April. Hint: He’s an executive in charge of global shared services for an internationally recognized company that makes amazing outdoor clothing and gear, is a leader in environmental activism, and has contributed over $61 million in grants and in-kind donations.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading this month’s CEE News and join us for Re:Imagine 2017 in sunny San Diego!




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