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Welcome to the thirty-third issue of CEE News!

We just wrapped up our 3rd annual Re:Imagine Leadership Summita few days ago. The Summit is like Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Super Bowl all in a single day.

It’s like Thanksgiving because we get to share a bounty of thought leadership, mini live case studies, actionable takeaways and delicious food with a few dozen purpose-driven leaders.  It’s like Christmas because the sponsors, the speakers, the facilitators, the volunteers, and the attendees all share their gifts of time and insight with each other.  It’s like the Super Bowl because it requires a team to be on their best game and play their positions precisely to deliver on the playbook.

2018 Summit Collage (1)This year’s Summit was filled with exceptional leaders who came to learn timeless truths and practical tips for becoming a better leader and improving organizational culture. Our Director of Marketing, Danielle Aguas, kicked off the day with a story about discovering that problems that were popping up in the home she recently bought were actually caused by root issues that were hiding below the surface. Our Co-Founder and Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Tony Baron, keynoted on ‘The Leadership Essentials that Transcend Best Practices’.

We heard from Kevin Kirkland, Stone Brewing’s HR Manager about how Stone’s core values are hard wired into their business model.  Cheryl Kilmer, Founder and CEO of Teri, Inc. shared how her nonprofit is aligning itself to build a new, 20-acre, state of the art campus that will serve as a global model for changing the way the world views the special needs community.

In the afternoon, Katy Rees and Gina Frasca from California State University, San Marcos talked about how using a Strengths trainer and coach helped coalesce Gina’s team. Our own Michael Coffey spoke about creating a culture of learning and growth. We also broke out into Sidebar activities to let attendees dive deeper into the topics of Purpose and Alignment to help them make the material more actionable.

The Re:Imagine Leadership Summit allows attendees to take a pause at the end of Q1 each year to reflect on how our behavior impacts organizational culture, and how culture impacts performance.  If we’re getting it right, that culture is our competitive advantage.

We hope that you can join us for Re:Imagine 2019 next April.  You’ll be glad that you took some time to invest in yourself as a leader – and so will your team!

Sheri Nasim 
| President & CEO







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