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Question: I’ve been working with a new team since January. For the most part, we’ve done a good job pulling together and building relationships.  Most of us have worked with each other in some capacity for several years.  There is one person on the team that I don’t think my boss chose well.  Should I tell my boss about my doubts?


Answer: Before you share your concerns with your boss, take some time to do the following:

  1. Check your gut about the intention behind why you feel you need to raise this issue. If you speak to your boss directly about it, you’ll want to start with “My intention is…”
  2.  Do you feel that the person you have doubts about lacks the character (integrity/intent) or competence (capabilities/results) to be an effective team member?
  3.  Do you think that your boss is aware of the flaws you perceive in this team member?
  4. Why do you think your boss put this person on the team?
  5.  Do you think that the team member deserves a chance to improve, and could coaching help?

If you’ve ever been wrong about a team member before, give this person a 60-90 day chance.  During that time, be a model for how to welcome a new member on the team by making the first move to reach out and build a relationship of trust, rather than suspicion.

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