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Welcome to the twelfth issue of CEE News!

Many of the leaders I talk to are learners like me. We enjoy reading books, going to conferences, and filling our leadership toolkit with the latest in leadership and organizational development theories.

We get so excited about what we learn, that it’s tempting to try to implement our new discoveries at work.  But if we’re not careful, the practice of management-by-book-of-the-month-club can backfire.

What sounds like an excellent idea on paper, can turn into a full change management initiative when deployed through an organization.  It’s not possible or even a good use of resources to try to implement everything we learn.

PuzzlePiecesNever stop sharpening your saw. But make sure you choose to implement tested instruments that align with your strategic goals and needs of your organization. Invest in certified coaches and trainers to help you turn theory into practice as your team puts the new skills into daily practice.


I share this with you because of the feedback we get from clients like the one below. It’s from Regina Frasca of Cal State San Marcos University after two days of Strengths training with her team.  Our Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Trainer Matthew Veling will start coaching key managers to reinforce the training this month.

For years I had been following and trying to learn the strengths program.  I even made an effort to get my team involved using the Trombone Player Wanted videos and strengths curriculum.  I have to come find out that we only skimmed the top layer of this movement.  With Matthew’s help, I have been able to embrace it completely but more importantly my team now gets it.  They have learned to understand themselves and their teammates and have learned how they can appreciate what each brings to the table. Matthew guided us to experience so many “ah ha” moments.  His skills as a coach had light bulbs going off in my head through the entire curriculum.  I overheard a team member surprisingly say, “…the strengths workshop was better than it had any right to be”. I verified her comment and then concurred.  It was a great team bonding and team enriching experience. – Regina Frasca, Cal State San Marcos University

Thanks, Regina, for the powerful testament to how we achieve our purpose: to take you from what is to what is possible!



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