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Dear CEE,

My company was acquired by a much larger organization two years ago.  Since the acquisition, I’ve noticed that our employees no longer seem actively engaged.  We’ve lost touch with the culture that once made us proud to be a part of the company. I would like to propose to our new executive team that I take on a role that gets us back in touch with the culture that makes us proud. What title do you suggest, and how might I go about proposing the new role to my executive team?

-Cultureless VP


Dear Cultureless,
Many companies are adding a Chief Culture Officer (CCO) to connect employees with not only what business they are in, but more importantly, why they are in business. We suggest that you prepare a business case for the new role to underscore how culture impacts the bottom line.  Look at metrics like employee engagement, voluntary turnover, and net promoter score.  Is there is significant difference in these metrics at your business unit from pre- to post-acquisition?  Is there a significant difference between your business unit and other business units? Also, be prepared to show how the CCO would work in collaboration with Human Resources to:
  • Evaluate how the existing culture aligns with the company’s strategic objectives
  • Define organizational goals and align departments effectively to support strategic objectives
  • Collaborate with management to develop action plans focused on building trust, increasing employee engagement, satisfaction, productivity and retention
  • Build and successfully drive key culture initiatives to positively influence business outcomes

We admire the passion you have for your team, and insight you share about culture.  Thank you for sharing, and keep in touch with us along your journey!

-CEE Team

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