Message From Our Founder

SheriNasim_HeadshotWelcome to the first issue of CEE News!

If you know me personally, or have read my blogs, you know that I am passionate about writing quality content.  I’m also passionate about reading quality content. I’ve challenged our team to develop a newsletter with fresh, high quality content that will help you build a resilient culture that thrives.

That’s just what they’ve done.  Our CEE Newsletter is designed to help you with the challenges you face every day by sharing best practices, industry trends, thought leadership, and updates on CEE news and upcoming events.

Here are some of my personal favorite features:

Resource Corner  – From infographics to our Vantage© white papers, you’ll find the latest research on how leaders like you are navigating organizations through the 21st century.

Sticky Solutions – We’re passionate about helping you find solutions that stick. Send us your current challenges, and we’ll put our panel of experts on the case!

Business In Focus – Every time our team gets together, we find ourselves sharing stories of leaders we come across who are really making a positive impact.  We thought you’d like to hear about them too.

So enjoy.  I hope you find information and insights to help move you forward on your leadership journey.



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